Jerry Ross Elementary School

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FOSS Web - Measurement - This web site goes along with what we are studying in Science class.

FOSS Web - Water - Water is what we will be studying later in the year.

FOSS Web - Human Body - Learn more about the human body

Food Pyramid Game - Learn about the Food Pyramid with this game

Skeleton Shakedown - Help the poor skeleton put himself back together

Weather Wiz Kids - Learn more about weather and storms

Earth's Moon - Ever wonder why the moon looks different everyday? Find out here.

The Space Place - Visit NASA's kids page and learn about space.

The Moon Phases - Watch a movie of the moon going through its phases.

Moon Scavenger Hunt - Use the Internet and other books to do the scavenger hunt

Geocaching - Learn about an outdoor activity that Miss R likes to do in her spare time.

EdHeads-Simple Machines - Learn about about simple and compound machines with this game.

Jack the Builder - Help Jack learn about metric measurements

National Geographic for Kids


Last Modified on December 17, 2008