Timothy Ball Elementary School

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The History Of Timothy Ball School


Preacher, teacher, historian

writer, beloved citizen

With full measure to them all

was the life of T.H. Ball.

Short in stature, yet he stood

a giant in this neighborhood

In his black coat, broad-brimmed hat

limp bow tie of white or black.

The white haired, bearded man who taught

for sixty years, and he, who brought

The gospel from his church and home,

and rode horse-back these roads alone,

Who searched this country bit by bit

and wrote the first history of it,

Whose pages we today recall

Because of Timothy Horton Ball.


Could he who labored not for fame

see this great school that bears his name,

The school that started out to grow

one hundred and fifteen years ago.

The school that had it’s early root

When he founded the Crown Point Institute

in eighteen sixty-five, and where

the North Ward School replaced it there

In eighteen eighty, across Sherman Street

from his Baptist Church where he used to preach.

Where, in thirty-nine, the North Ward burned down

and the old Ball School built on it’s ground.

Who, last October closed it’s door

at East North Street to home once more,

In this new structure where we meet,

at seven twenty West Summit Street.


What can we do, what can we say

on this great Dedication Day,

To honor both this school and he,

who left us this great legacy.

To place his name, however nice,

In stone or bronze cannot suffice.

No greater tribute could we give

than have his three great teachings live:

His fear of God, his love for man,

his faith in this once prairie land.

What can we say, what can we do

For this great school, than pledge anew

To bring it honor, never shame.

We honor then this school, and name

She proudly wears upon her wall……

the name of Timothy Horton Ball.

Written and delivered by Charles W. Swisher at Timothy Ball Elementary School Dedication, March 9, 1980




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