Exceptional Learners Department

Go Bulldogs! Team We Rock 
      Our mission is to support the unique needs of students
and to provide a positive environment
 in order to prepare
students to live, work, and enjoy life in their community.
                             Laura Andrews: Teacher of Intensive Interventions
219-663-2173 ext.  13230 
        Ann Hannon:  Exceptional Learners Paraprofessional
    Andrea Evanich:  Exceptional Learners Paraprofessional
                             Kathy Lessner: Substitute Teacher of Intensive Interventions 
                                                         219-663-2173 ext. 13229  
                                                  Elaine Lesko:         Exceptional Learners Paraprofessional
                                                  Kelly Redding:       Exceptional Learners Paraprofessional
                                                  Rachael Williams: Exceptional Learners Paraprofessional
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Sandy Owens:   Speech-language Pathologist
                                                                                     219-663-2173 ext. 13116 
                                     Jamie Jensen:     Speech-Language Assistant
                                                                                     219-663-2173 ext. 13116
                                         Kristen Dorin:   Speech-Language Pathologist
                                        Phyllis Essex:    Speech-Language Assistant
 teacher student
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