These steps must be done prior to working

    Report to the Administration Building before your first day of work and bring the following documents to complete an I-9.

    • (2) document requirement (Driver's License and a Birth Certificate or Social Security Card) or
    • (1) document requirement (Valid U.S. Passport).
    • Obtain a Corporation I.D. card if required for position.
    • Provide email address to complete the mandatory background check (cost to employee is $34 paid online through link provided+ state fees).

    Once recommended for employment you will receive a Pending Employee Letter with an Activation Code emailed to your personal email address with instructions to complete.  This will allow you access to fill out all required forms.  

    In Employee Access click on your name once you have set it up, then go to the FORMS tab to complete the following required forms.

    1. Email/RDS/Schoolwires (not for substitutes)
    2. W-4 (Everyone)
    3. AESOP (if a sub is required in your absence)
    4. Automatic Deposit (Everyone)
    5. Robocall-Directory-Emergency (Everyone)
    6. WH-4 (Everyone)

    Note:  Employee Access allows you to update tax information, make automatic deposit changes, update emergency information, print W-2's, request FMLA, view your paycheck stubs, view leave balances, benefits, and contract worksheets if applicable.

    Rehired Employees

    You must refill out the above forms once your job title has been updated in Employee Access.

    GCN Tutorials (required yearly) 

    You must email John Williams jswilli@cps.k12.in.us from your Crown Point School email to request a GCN Username.  Please provide name, position, and building location in your email. You will receive an email reply at your new Crown Point email when your GCN account is activated.   The link to log into GCN is listed under Human Resources on the corporation website.  

    403B Information

    All employees are eligible to contribute to a 403B account through payroll deduction.  If interested please contact Cara Bonich at carab@cps.k12.in.us 219-663-3371 ext. 10235.

    Email & Employee Access links are found under the STAFF link on the corporation website. 



    John Williams, Director of Personnel 219-663-3371 ext. 10225 

    email:  jswilli@cps.k12.in.us


    Sheri Lautzenheiser, Human Resources 219-663-3371 ext. 10226

    email:  slautzenheiser@cps.k12.in.us


    Cara Bonich, Benefits Coordinator 219-663-3371 ext. 10235

    email:  carab@cps.k12.in.us








Last Modified on September 21, 2016