Nonprofit Flyer Submission & Approval Process


    1.  Email an electronic copy of the flyer in question to the Director of Personnel John Williams, at jswilli@cps.k12.in.us at least 2 weeks prior to event.  We do not approve flyers of the summer months from the last day of school in June and the first day of school in August.  


    2.  Inform Director of Personnel who you intend to distribute flyer to and when you would like to distribute.


                                         Elementary Schools

    Eisenhower Elementary K-5                      Lake Street Elementary K-5

    MacArthur Elementary K-5                        Solon Robinson Elementary K-5

    Timothy Ball Elementary K-5                     Winfield Elementary K-2

    Jerry Ross Elementary 3-5

                                        Middle Schools

    Col. John Wheeler Middle 6-8                    Robert A. Taft 6-8

                                       High School

    Crown Point High  9-12


    3.  The Director will review flyer requests on Thursdays of each week.                                                                                                               

    4.  If approved, you will be notified by email as well as being provided the number of copies/bundles to provide for each school. You will also be notified if the flyer is denied.

    5.  The Director will notify the schools if approved. Secretaries are then authorized to distribute to the classroom teacher for students to bring flyers home.

    6.  You MUST get all flyers APPROVED before submitting to schools to distribute.

    7.  Middle Schools/High School do not distribute flyers.  An announcement will be made informing students to pick up flyer if interested in the school office.

    8.  Only flyers submitted that are Nonprofit Organizations will be considered.


    Any additional questions, please contact the Human Resources Department 219-663-3371.


Last Modified on March 21, 2016