Key and Fob Request, Transfer, Loss, Distribution, Collection, and Accounting 


Employees of the Crown Point Community School Corporation may receive a key or set of keys and/or an electronic access "fob" to gain access into the buildings.  All requests for keys and fobs are completed at the building-level by the Administrator or designee.  Keys and/or fobs are assigned based on the requirements of the specific employee's assignment and, therefore, may require multiple keys.  It is important that employees keep their keys and fob secure at all times and NOT attach them to any key ring or other items that could easily identify them as belonging to the Crown Point Community School Corporation in order to help prevent unauthorized access should the keys or fobs become lost. Employee is responsible for the prompt reporting of any lost key(s) or fob. Contact your building administrator immediately upon discovery of such a loss so that a Lost Key/Fob Report can be completed


This is a copy of the Agreement that each employee signs upon receiving keys or fobs:


Pursuant to the Crown Point Community School Corporation “Key/Fob and Lock Control Rules and Procedures”, the undersigned, by accepting the identified key(s) and/or fob(s), hereby agrees to take diligent care and promptly report any loss thereof.  The undersigned further agrees to not give possession of said key(s) or fob(s) to any unauthorized person or cause or allow any copies to be made of such key(s) or fob(s).  The undersigned understands that any violation of this Agreement may result in disciplinary action and the reimbursement up to $500 to the Corporation for expenses associated with repairs and/or replacements caused by such violations.

Key and Fob Procedures and help guidelines (Building Administrator or Designee only -requires login)
Submit a Key- or Fob-related request/report (Building Administrator or Designee only - requires login)