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Voicemail and Homework Assignment Messaging System (HAMS) Help Documents


The Crown Point Community School Corporation's phone system links all buildings with 5-digit extensions. It may be helpful to know that the first two digits are unique to each building:

10 - Administrative Service Center
11 - Crown Point High School
12 - Robert A. Taft Middle School
13 - Col. John Wheeler Middle School
14 - Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary School
15 - Lake Street Elementary School
16 - Douglas MacArthur Elementary School
17 - Solon Robinson Elementary School
18 - Jerry Ross Elementary School
19 - Winfield Elementary School
20 - Support Service Center (Buildings & Grounds,Food Services, Technology, Transportation)
21 - Timothy Ball Elementary School
22 - CPCSC Learning Center 
For common areas, the last three numbers of the extension will be the same at each building.  For example: 081 – Nurse; 104 – Custodian; 000 – Main Office; 001 – Principal; 603 – Kitchen, except Jerry Ross, which is 304.  Once you learn your party's extension, it is possible it will be the same for a like-position at another building!

To reach an outside line, press 7. 

Long-distance is restricted in most all cases, so to make a long-distance phone call, they either have to have the Main Office secretary place the call and transfer it to their classroom, or request a Long Distance Access Code through the building Principal.

Telephone questions throughout the school year are typically routed through one of the secretaries at each building.

Upon being hired, the employee will receive an email from the Buildings & Grounds Department about their phone extension and voice mail, and a link to these online help documents.