Below are images of the Mitel Phone Equipment in use throughout the Corporation.  Match the model number with the one from your phone, and then then click to get the Quick Reference Guide for that model, which will show selected features such as conference calling. 

 Superset 4001  Superset 4025 Superset 4150  
 Superset 4001
Superset 4025 
Superset 4150
 5220 IP Phone  5312 IP Phone 5320 IP Phone  
 5220 IP Phone5312 IP Phone  5320 IP Phone
5324 IP Phone  5330 IP Phone   5340 IP Phone
5324 IP Phone  5330 IP Phone5340 IP Phone 
5310 IP Conference Unit  5212 IP Phone   
 5310 IP Conference Unit5212 IP Phone