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Crown Point Schools strives to ensure the safe transportation of students.  Ultimately, each parent has the right and legal obligation to protect their child.  You may decide to keep your child at home, at any time, if you feel that it is too risky to have him/her transported to school due to inclement weather. 
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If a student requires the use of crutches or has a leg cast that could cause a safety issue/concern on the bus, please call our Transportation Department at 219-663-1465 so alternate transportation arrangements can be made
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Parents or guardians should not stop, delay or board the bus when the driver is transporting students to or from school.
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Remember that you are responsible for your child's safety and conduct prior to boarding the bus and following drop off at a designated stop.  This includes walking or driving your child to and from the bus stop.  It is a parental responsibility to ensure that children arrive home safely from the bus stop.
Notify the school as soon as possible of any changes to your address, telephone number, or change of baby-sitter.
Skateboards, sports equipment, large poster boards, large musical instruments such as cellos, etc are not allowed on the bus.  If you student has to take any of these items to school, please make other transportation arrangements.
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Last Modified on December 1, 2016