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Transportation Policy

We are committed to providing safe and efficient transportation for your child.


General Information:


     Transportation is available for all students who live one (1) mile or more from the school they attend.  Students should be at their assigned bus stop FIVE MINUTES PRIOR to pickup time.  The pickup time the student receives in the beginning of the school year is an estimated time.  The time will be established during the first week of school.  It is important that the student is at their stop and not inside the house watching for the bus.  The driver is not required to stop if the child is not out at their assigned stop.  Students are to board and disembark at the same address. Due to safety concerns, buses will not return for students who are not at their stop when the bus arrives.  Only in emergency situations will be students be issued a pass to ride another bus.  Students are to ride their assigned buses only.  Parents must contact the transportation department before students will be allowed to ride a different bus.  The high school and middle school will not issue passes to students. 


Routing:  We have a ½ mile maximum walk distance to the bus stop




  1. We do not provide midday transportation for kindergarten students.  Parents will be responsible for their transportation. We will transport to corporation’s day care for midday kindergarten.


  1. Students who live within one mile of the school are not provided transportation.  The walk distance to a bus stop will be a  maximum of one half (.5) mile.  The fact that there are no sidewalks will not be a determining factor to justify house pickups. Only special needs students will have house stops, all other house stops will be determined on an individual basis.  Pick ups in cul de sac’s or no outlet streets will be determined on an individual basis. We will not go into a cul de sac or no outlet street that is .5 miles or less from the connecting street. The stop will be at the corner of the connecting street. 


  1. One pick up and drop off point for all students. All students will have one location to be picked up and dropped off.  Students may not switch pick up and drop off locations unless there is an emergency and only then if it is cleared through the transportation office.  DAILY CHANGES WILL NOT BE APPROVED.


Safety Rules and Regulations:

      Parents and students should familiarize themselves with school bus regulations.  The school provides copies of these  regulations in student handbooks.  When students do not follow the rules, they jeopardize the safety of everyone on the bus.  Students who do not follow the rules and regulations or who refuse to follow the directions of the bus driver will lose riding privileges. Cell phones are not allowed to be used on the buses.  Students will be warned once and if they continue to use the phone, it will be handed to the driver and the parent will need to pick up the phone at the Transportation DepartmentLarge boxes or large instruments are not allowed on the bus.  These items block the main isle and will not allow the students to exit the bus in case of an accident.  Please take/pick up your child to/from school on the days they will be bringing home a large item.  School bus drivers can only pickup and drop-off riders at an authorized regular daily stop.  Drivers cannot make changes to stops without authorization from the Transportation Department.  Transportation for non-school related functions is the parent's responsibility.  Only those students eligible for transportation are entitled to ride a bus that has been assigned to them.  All kindergarten students must be met at the bus stop by an parent/guardian/older sibling to pick up your student(s). CPCSC cannot provide transportation for special events such as birthday parties, sleepovers, a homework project, to complete community services hours or for a job.  The requests cannot be permitted for safety reasons.



If you have any questions or need bus route information, please call the Transportation Office at 663-1465.

Last Modified on January 17, 2017